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“YogaFamily.com is a fan of Stephanie Pappas as she continues to inspire students to look at their practice in different ways - both physical and spiritually.


Yoga at Your Wall presents a new way to play with your practice while giving you a refreshing perspective towards it. By entering into a posture with different tools, it supports you both mentally and physically in your practice. Your body learns new ways to deepen itself and breaks up habitual muscular memory; while your mind is open to change, new perspective, and the ability to to break up the mental restraints we put upon our self.


Yoga at Your Wall is thoroughly written, has clear and abundant photos, and is inspiring to be creative with your practice. If you have felt stagnant in your practice like you have "hit a wall," Yoga at Your Wall will help make a shift to break it down mentally and physically, and then return to your mat with new tools such as body awareness, mental remembrance of the support of the wall, and more trust in yourself to go deeper into your practice.

In addition to the 70+ postures spotlight in Yoga at Your Wall (plus equally more variations of them), the chapters in the book group the postures in categories such as: Strength and Energy, Balance and Steadiness, Flexibility and Expansion and Restoration and Relaxation. Each posture is consistently organizes with the following categories explained:descriptive photos showing the different stages of a posture; photos of places in the pose that needs a more visual description with a close up view for proper alignment;instructions and tips for getting into the pose;how to exit the pose;inspiring quotes;tips;suggestion for visual focus and breathing; Home play - ways of deepening the posture more; Benefits and Precautions of the pose.
Yoga at Your Wall is offers a new way to play, explore and deepen your practice.”

- Erin Abrams, YogaFamily.com


"User friendly! Fun! A 'must have' addition to every yogi's library. From rank amateur to seasoned professional, Stephanie's 'Yoga at Your Wall' belongs on everybody's bookshelf."
- Martha Humphreys, practicing yogi for over ten years, Noxon, MT

"Stephanie Pappas presents a refreshing approach to teaching postural Yoga. Stephanie offers excellent verbal cues that are easy to understand and well thought out."
- Brenda Feurstein, Author, "Green Dharma"

"I have had the opportunity to study with Stephanie and attend her Yoga Posture Adjustments workshops. She is an inspiring guide with the highest standards of integrity and safety. I have gone time and time again to her last book 'Yoga Posture Adjustments and Assisting' in order to deepen the experience of yoga poses."
- Charlotte Avallone, Blossom Yoga, NJ

"I found your last book to be unpretentious, unintimidating, and naturally friendly. I especially liked the fact that your models were 'real' people; all with different body types and obvious levels of yoga experience."
- Violet Pasztor Wilson, Founder Canadian Yoga Alliance


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